Sunday, December 28, 2008

Class Action Lawsuit

I've read that several victims of Bernard Madoff have already filed class action lawsuits against Madoff as well as the hedge funds that invested their money with him. I'm very interested in filing a lawsuit against Everbank. What are the advantages and disadvantages of filing a lawsuit as the lone plaintiff vs. a class action lawsuit? Has anyone filed any type of a lawsuit against Everbank for their Icelandic krona shenanigans?


Dr said...

Before a lawsuit, the OTS, which is the fed agency regulating Everbank, should get your complaint. The pdf is at

I'm trying to figure out a way to make it a "fillable" pdf with the bank details already filled in. If I can, I'll post it here (or anyone else can, too)

S. said...

Mike Millen, a lawyer in California, has filed a complaint against EverBank on this matter; details are at

My only interest in the matter is that I may be a future member of the class if/when the suit gets a class action designation.